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New Single 'Worth It' from CLT DRP Out Now.

Accompanied by AK/DK dance floor remix.

CLT DRP unveiled their new single 'Worth It' recently via LOUD WOMEN. Giving a break down of the song's themes, frontwoman Annie explains:

"The song has a lot of different themes, I think mainly it’s about learning when to speak up for yourself and also learning when to let things just be. Unfortunately I end up in limbo a lot of the time when making decisions. There’s a lot of pent up emotions in this song, and it was very cathartic to record".

Following on from the single release is the dance floor remix of the track from Brighton duo AK/DK. Guitarist Scott Reynolds notes on the remix:

"100% DANCE BANGER! We’ve been yearning for an absolute Dance floor filler of a remix. The Ak Dk guys have absolutely smashed it!"

Listen/purchase both tracks now:

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