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CLT DRP Sign to Small Pond

Debut Album Pre-Orders Launched Along with New Single 'Where the Boys Are'.

We are delighted to announce that CLT DRP have joined the Small Pond artist roster! Their debut album 'Without the Eyes' will be released on 15th May 2020 and is available to pre-order now:

The lead single from the record - 'Where the Boys Are' - is also available on all streaming platforms, along with the cerebral music video which you can watch here:

Speaking about the creative process behind CLT DRP’s forthcoming debut album, frontwoman Annie Dorrett elaborates: “This album for me was a way of speaking about my regression and progression surrounding feminism. I’ve made a lot of mistakes regarding the way I look at myself and the women around me. All I want is to be better, and try harder to know when I’m in the wrong and own it, rather than dwell on the guilt I feel when I act out of order. Guilt is for the privileged, and we all need to learn to move on and educate ourselves on being more inclusive, and understanding of each other.”

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