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Bitch Falcon & Daniel God Damn Byrom Join the Small Pond Roster


We are very excited to welcome Bitch Falcon & Daniel God Damn Byrom to the Small Pond label roster!

Danniel ‘God Damn’ Byrom is a singer, songwriter and musician based in Brighton, UK, best known as the frontman of alternative rock band Wild Cat Strike. Following in the footsteps of early Daniel Johnstone and Bright Eyes, whose low-fi charm and DIY aesthetics were a massive influence in Byrom’s creations, his own brand of indie-folk is an exploration of existence and all things human – warts and all.

Bitch Falcon are a trio from the vibrant, much-hyped music scene of Dublin, formed by front-woman Lizzie Fitzpatrick with her friends in a small kitchen in the city in 2014. Since these freshman days, the lineup has galvanised around the rhythm section of Barry O'Sullivan on Bass and Nigel Kenny on Drums. In their home country, they are mainstays of the festival circuit but to date they have performed several headline and support tours around the UK along with frequent visits to the Benelux countries and North America. From the early days of their first single, 'Wolfstooth' to their most recent release 'Damp Breath', an evolution in sound can be heard as the group perfect and refine their raw, fuzz-laced offerings over six singles and one EP. In these tunes you'll hear the influences of St Vincent, My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, Bjork and on the other end of the frequency spectrum Deftones, Killing Joke and The Pixies.

More info over the coming weeks, like and follow both acts on social media for updates.

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