Recording Studio Deals:

Record in our studio, with Neve mixing console, 2 live rooms, 2 booths, a huge selection of modern and vintage valve amps, and experienced engineers who take pride in the projects they work on:

EP Deal (3 days tracking, 2 mixing): £975 (list price: £1175)

Single Deal (1 day tracking, 1 mixing): £390 (list price: £450)

For more information and to get a tailored quote contact:

Rehearsal  Studio Deals:

Air conditioned, acoustically treated rehearsal rooms, suitable for solo artists or full-band setups:

50% off morning rehearsals Mon-Fri 9am-12pm with free coffee

10% off for students + NHS Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

20% off for students + NHS all weekend.


For tailored quotes on Block Bookings email:

For any rehearsal studio enquiries, or to book in a rehearsal slot, phone us on 01273 748193


Small Pond is a young music company centred on a thriving recording and rehearsal studio complex in Brighton, which is becoming a favourite haunt for rising bands and renowned acts. 


Turning a hand to all aspects of the modern independent music industry, Small Pond also offers filming/photography, touring services, and live promotions, as well as being home to a rapidly expanding record label. You can find our current list of studio deals & offers below.